Who We Are

Who We Are

Our mission is to enlist the U.S. business community in actions to improve the standing of America in the world with the goal of once again, seeing America admired as a global leader and respected as a courier of progress and prosperity for all people.

BDA is a private-sector task force directed by preeminent communications, marketing, political science, global development and media professionals. The task force steers a collective of multinational companies in the development, sharing, and warehousing of ideas, insights, and guidance on communication and perception issues that U.S. businesses are uniquely positioned to address.

This effort is not about ads or selling-it’s about sensitizing Americans to the extent of anti-Americanism today and its implications, transforming American attitudes and behaviors as necessary, building on the many positive perceptions of America that still exist, and building new bridges of cooperation, respect, and mutual understanding across cultures and borders through business-led initiatives.


The Problem

The Decline of America’s Standing in the World

Anti-Americanism is a growing trend that, unless checked, is certain to have wide-ranging and long-term negative effects on U.S. business endeavors, to say nothing of the damage to our reputation as a people, our future economic competitiveness, and the threat to our national security. While it is true that much resentment of our country currently centers on our foreign policy, much does not. Other root causes include the perception that we are arrogant and insensitive as a people, that our culture has become all-pervasive, and that the global business expansion on the part of U.S. companies has been exploitive.

At Business for Diplomatic Action, we are committed to the task of mobilizing U.S. corporations to undertake a variety of coordinated public diplomacy actions that will begin to restore America’s declining reputation.

Why Business?
Anti-Americanism is bad for business. The costs associated with rising anti-American sentiment are exponential. From security and economic costs to an erosion in our ability to engender trust around the world and recruit the best and brightest, the U.S. stands to lose its competitive edge if steps are not made toward reversing the negativity associated with America. Additionally, aside from profit-making, American business leaders have the responsibility to use their influence and creative resources to improve the overall reputation of the United States.

Moreover, American business touches more lives than the U.S. government and has greater credibility. American multinationals also have a record of building cooperation across borders and creative problem solving. Further, international representatives of U.S. companies are likely to be nationals, and business initiatives face fewer bureaucratic entanglements as policy created in the private sector is not up for grabs every four years. The private sector alone has the ability to utilize a variety of cutting-edge resources to engage effectively in public diplomacy. Business must engage.



A Call to Action

By joining with our efforts at BDA, every corporation, community and individual are in a position to engage in public diplomacy initiatives to make a difference in our country and in the world. Anti-Americanism, while not acutely felt by most Americans, is a growing threat to our economic and national security. If we do not take action to counteract this growing force, future generations will no doubt suffer the direct impact. BDA is working to bring America back to the stature it once held in the world, where it was viewed as a partner working toward a greater good. We need your help to succeed, whether it is in the form of funding, new ideas, implementation, or knowledge. Through a variety of customized diplomatic action initiatives, you can engage. Please contact us for more information.

Our Five Part Action Plan – S.T.A.R.S.

  1. Sensitize key U.S. constituents to the rise in anti-Americanism and its implications.
  2. Transform the bad American attitudes that exacerbate the problem.
  3. Accentuate America’s positive qualities and contributions to the world community.
  4. Reach out to business leaders in strategic world markets to build new bridges of mutual respect and understanding.
  5. Serve as the private sector connection for public diplomacy efforts by the U.S. government.