Take Action

Take Action


  • U.S. corporations can poll their own international employees to seek advice on what their companies can do to improve perceptions of the United States.
  • Designate an executive to attend BDA roundtable discussions where best practices can be shared, collective actions discussed and new tactics devised.
  • Designate an executive to share your corporation’s Best Practices with us.
  • Support and/or Participate in our Arab Youth Development Program
    • Objective – To enlist the U.S. business community in the development of professional training initiatives, mentorships, partnerships, internships and business education for talented youth from the Middle East
    • Fellowship Program – Business for Diplomatic Action (BDA) and Young Arab Leaders (YAL) have agreed to work together to place qualified young people from the Middle East in 6-12-month fellowships in U.S. multinational corporations. If you are willing to place one or more fellows within your organization and would like more information on this program please contact us at [email protected]
    • Arab-American Corporate Summit – An initial Arab-American Exchange will take place in New York in Fall of 2006, bringing together 50 YAL members with top executives from the U.S. private sector, to establish growth opportunities for qualified interns from the Middle East. This is the first summit of its kind, intent on building international bridges of mutual understanding and respect through business-led actions and initiatives.
  • Sponsor BDA projects such as those listed in BDA Strategy & Tactics



  • Individuals can help by leading us to funding sources
  • Lend your ideas and support, and by making individual financial contributions.
  • Convince your CEO that it is more than an image problem. See our Learn section for studies, research, and presentations to support your effort.


Strategy and Tactics

Key Action Areas

  1. Engaging Americans in World Citizenship
  2. International Pilot Programs
    Developing Pilot Partnerships with the Private Sector in the Middle East and Germany
  3. Public Policy
    Advancing US business interests as they pertain to visa policy concerns and the role of the private sector in public diplomacy
  4. Public Diplomacy Resources for the Private Sector
    Continue to cull and promote best practices, research, resources and insights in public diplomacy.

Engaging Americans in World Citizenship

World Citizens Guide Program
There is no question we have a big job to do inside the United States, to make Americans much more sensitive to the world outside their borders and promote the importance of world citizenship. Can we change our perceived collective personality for the better? An early example of an action on our part to address this is this “World Citizens Guide,” which Business for Diplomatic Action has now placed in the hands of U.S. students who study abroad. The printing and production and distribution was sponsored by UPS and facilitated through partnerships with NAFSA and STA Travel. The contents are based on advice for Americans we derived from interviewing and listening to people in more than a hundred countries. The mini-disc included in the guide directs users to a host of other sources and allows for some interactive learning online. You can directly link to the “World Citizens Guide” and download an abridged version below. The World Citizens Guide effort has received such enthusiastic support that we are now pursuing a comprehensive World Citizenship Program to reach Americans of every age, far beyond brochures and booklets. A sampling of some of the developments underway where we are actively seeking support include:

  • World Citizens Guide Website
    Developed by InSite Interactive for BDA the World Citizens Guide website recently won a 2005 Webby and is the home of our World Citizenship Program efforts.
  • World Citizens Guide for Americans Studying Abroad
    A second print run of the guide will become available this fall for purchase and you can be the first to receive copies of Guide in 2006 by pre-ordering from our World Citizens Guide website.
  • World Citizens Guide for Executives Traveling Abroad & Intensive Briefing
    Thanks to a generous grant from the National Business Travel Association the first print run of the Executive guide is available and copies can be obtained now by ordering copies online via the frontpage of www.worldcitizensguide.org. Additionally NBTA has provided seed funding to further the development of the Executive briefing program which will become available in fall 2006.
    For More Information on this program please contact us at [email protected]
  • World Citizens Guide for Kids & Corresponding Class Curriculum
    In partnership with Wee Bee Tunes, BDA will launch a comprehensive World Citizens Guide for Kids in the fall, which includes the Guide, turn-key curriculum, in-class resource pack, and interactive DVD.
    We are currently looking for individual school districts, cities and/or states to pilot the programs as well as corporate sponsorship of the first print run of the Guide. For more information about the program please contact Howard Soriano at [email protected]

International Pilot Programs
Developing Pilot Partnerships with the Private Sector in the Middle East and Germany

BDA is actively working on a variety of efforts initially targeted in the Middle East and Europe as pilot programs. Programs and partnerships are focused in the areas of education, technology, exchange programs, best practice sharing, dialogues and roundtables, and the media.

Young Arab Leaders Partnership
See attached partnership overview. BDA is currently seeking corporate partners to join in our efforts to provide high level professional internships for YAL members as well as involvement in our planned dialogues for 2006 where best practices can be shared and further opportunities developed for youth in the Middle East.

Germany Pilot Project
From the beginning BDA has received support from private sector counterparts in Europe, principally in the UK, France and Germany where levels of anti-American sentiment continue to rise. As a first step in addressing the root causes of rising anti-Americanism in Europe we have embarked on a pilot program in Germany where current public diplomacy efforts and private sector engagement can be reexamined and reinvigorated with new focus and strategic private sector involvement.

Public Policy
Advancing US business interests as they pertain to visa policy concerns and the role of the private sector in public diplomacy

BDA continues to engage on the public policy front by meeting with key legislators, government representatives, and the media on visa issues and the role of the private sector in public diplomacy. Recently Keith Reinhard met with Karen Hughes.