While much of the resentment of the United States is related to perceptions of U.S. foreign policy, research points to three other root causes that relate more to U.S. business expansion. These three root causes could be effectively addressed by efforts on the part of the U.S. business community.

Root Cause I: The effects of globalization
People in many countries feel left out; they feel that they can never be a part of, or enjoy the benefits of, the globalization movement led by U.S. business expansion. They may lack the education, language and hi-tech skills. They may feel that U.S. companies have not truly engaged or partnered with them in a meaningful way.

After culling and cataloging hundreds of recommendations and research from public diplomacy experts, our overseas offices and members of our initiative, BDA selected those programs that could be activated by business in the near and long term.

Root Cause II: The pervasiveness of American culture
Many people in other countries believe their local and national cultural values are being threatened by the values promoted by American companies and brands and/or the pervasiveness of our cultural product. The worst of our entertainment product is often most attractive to young people in repressive cultures who are thus led to believe that America is a criminally violent and sexually immoral nation.

Root Cause III: The perceived collective personality of the U.S. & its citizens
Research from 130 countries confirms that Americans are broadly perceived by others as arrogant, ignorant, lacking in humility, loud and unwilling to listen.